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Homemade Nutella – two ways

Homemade Nutellas

Homemade Nutellas

Neither of these versions of Nutella would be mistaken for the real thing in a blind taste test. But they both involve roast hazelnuts (erm, yum!) and they are appreciably healthier than the shop-bought version (one more so than the other).

Notes on my recipes


There are lots of homemade Nutella recipes out there. My creations are both based on those from the wonderful Dana, the Minimalist Baker.

The two recipes

The first Nutella recipe uses raw cacao powder to flavour the roast hazelnut butter with chocolate and I sweetened it with honey.

The second recipe uses melted chocolate.

My three taste-testers unanimously preferred the second recipe. However, I don’t think this means the first one should be disregarded entirely. It is undeniably healthier than the melted chocolate version. Also, my taste-testers are more familiar with the sweet flavour of ‘mainstream’ confectionary so perhaps, to an extent, this outcome is no surprise. However, I have been found spooning the second recipe out of the jar a couple of times since I made it (about 24 hours ago). This has not yet happened with the cacao version.

Texture and consistency

Whilst my hazelnuts did blend to a nice nut butter, this was definitely of the crunchy rather than smooth variety – I quite like this bit of bite so no worries here.

As Dana mentions, adding sweetener to the cacao version tends to stiffen it. I attempted to get around this by gradually adding water but had limited success. The end result was quite stiff but spreadable nonetheless.

Ingredients for Nutella made with cacao

Ingredients for Nutella made with cacao

Ingredients for Nutella made with melted chocolate

Ingredients for Nutella made with melted chocolate

Ingredients (makes about 1 small jar)

  • 210g raw hazelnuts – roasted
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • A twist of sea salt

For the cacao version:

  • 1.5 tbsp raw cacao powder
  • Honey to taste

For the chocolate version:

  • 100g milk chocolate – melted


  1. Roast the hazelnuts on a baking tray in an oven pre-heated to 200°C/400°F/gas mark 6. This took about 15 minutes for my hazelnuts – keep an eye on them, making sure they don’t burn and give the tray a shake a few times during the roasting.
  2. Leave the hazelnuts to cool for a five minutes or so before removing the skins. To do this, pop the hazelnuts in a clean tea towel and roll the nutty package between your hands and around the worktop so the skins peel off as the hazelnuts rub against each other. This may take a bit of time. Don’t worry if some stubborn skins decide they’d rather be a part of the Nutella fun – they’ll break down in the food processor.
  3. Blend the skinned hazelnuts in a food processor for 5 minutes until a nut butter is formed. Add the vanilla essence and sea salt and blend again.
  4. Add the cacao or chocolate (melted over a bain-marie) and blend again. If making the cacao version, add honey to taste and use gradually-added water to loosen the mixture.
  5. Store the Nutella in sterilised jars (see my guide to sterilising here).
Roast hazelnuts

Roast hazelnuts with skins peeling off


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